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What’s up!

Hi everyone! Haven’t posted anything since…. #Reply1988 ended? Gosh that was like ages ago, right?


Well, I’m here again just to share what’s up for my week. I’m on rest day by the way. I have this 4/11 schedule. 11 hours each day for 4. Then I’ll have a 3 days off. Yeah. Sounds tiring, but I’m getting  the hang of it.


So recently, I’ve seen a bunch post in Instagram, Pinterest and other social media portals of these beautiful nails wonderfully done. I myself actually can’t grew my nail longer than what everyone can for the reason it goes breaking off on me the moment they started growing beautiful.That sucks big time! Like what’s the remedy to grow this one finger nail same as the others? I don’t even have a magic wand or super powers to do that! Right?

Then I saw a post, I think that’s from Facebook. These fake nails got my attention so bad! Like, this is it! The solution of me having long beautiful nails instantly (yeah, it’s the same feeling as like cooking your cup noodles!)  And it was like an answered from heaven! I swear. And I’m freaking loving it! Hihihi.


So, here are “some” of them that I bought last month, I think. Most of them was purchased from Daiso by the way. For the nail glue, tiny brush and nails foil over there is from a different store.

I got some nail tools and nail care as well like cuticle oil (which is really effective and I can totally recommend it!), nail hardener (which I badly need too as well). I got two sets in different brands of my first fake nails, nail creme- for cuticle softening as well which smells so dang weird! Hahahaha . The fake nails I got differ when it comes to size and the quality (thickness and thinness). So items bought from  Daiso cost 88 Pesos each.

I can’t say if it’s expensive or what since I didn’t do any canvass from other shops before buying these and the first result that pop up on my researching is from Daiso (so sorry, impulsive buyer over here! but not always!!)



Here’s a closer look for the fake nails I got.



The second photo of fake nail is my fave, since it’s much thinner. Swear, it feels nothing after I’ve put them on!

And here’s a step by step photo of me trying on these fake nails the first time! Yey!!! Hihihihi

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best thing about these babies is that, you can remove the nail polish with some polish remover or acetone- and voila! I actually did it changing the nail polish- but I don’t think I have a photo of it. Yeah,  I  wasn’t  able to snap it on my Instagram.

You can apply a new color you want without having any problem. And these lasted for almost two weeks on my hand. Two weeks!! That’s doing of some household chores, washing my hair every morning, typing notes at office-  damn I’m so amazed.

But there’s a con to this, specially for first timers like me. It’s so damn uncomfortable on the first day! I swear, I can’t hold on to things properly. It feels weird. Because of the nail glue as well, cause it’s like that mighty bond feeling.

I still enjoy it though 🙂


And here’s my second set of fake nails, I finished it off a matte coat! Looks pretty right? 🙂


Then after a week of having it on my nails, I did some experiment…


Credits to miss @jennyclairefox for this easy DIY nail art! So cure.


I was even able to try buying those fake nails with design on them already!


Yey!!! More to come on these nails-venture of mine. Follow me on IG- that’s where I usually post these babies first!


See you on my next vlog.

Thank you so much for reaching up to this part of this post. Love you! 😉



I have tons of dream.

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