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Midnight late drama post. #Cheese

Hi everyone!

I was supposed to do this last night, but episode 12 was just uploaded tonight.

Well, I don’t have much post of this here but if you’ll visit my Instagram that’s where most of my reaction is. Have fun reading! I had two cans of beer while watching earlier, so pardon any typo error   hihihihihi 😉


Episode 11

Okaaaaaaaaaay. So Hong and Sunbae been having a lot of fight recently. That scene Hong was able to say all she have been keeping being the giving sister, good daughter- I salute her! Not everyone can do that, right?


Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 1_48_25 AM_ver002

And that scene Hong was running towards Sunbae is soooooooo kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ aren’t they look so frigging good?


That Sunbae moves too! Hahahaha I thought they’re just going for some drive, then the next thing you know Hong is in Sunbae’s bed the next morning already! Hahahahaha

Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 1_50_58 AM_ver001
You’re so dangggg fine for first thing in the morning Sunbae!


Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 1_53_00 AM_ver001


Not just that! We had some- no a lot of morning kisses too! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~

Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 1_56_06 AM

Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 1_55_34 AM_ver001


Baek In Ho and his feelings for Hong…. I know this will just hurt him. Omay- our  second lead actor. Why do they have to get hurt always? Why? WHY????

Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 2_04_40 AM


Okay. I don’t know if it’s just me.. but I’m trying hard to understand Sunbae and know where is he coming from too. Then they showed that scene him coming home seeing his Dad and the Baek siblings having that talk with him.


I get it. Is he mad for people snatching the attention of people he loves? That’s how I’m seeing things here.

Screenshot - 2_17_2016 , 2_53_28 AM


I wish to see more of how things started to get ugly between Sunbae and Baek In Ho. They seemed really close from before. How things will go for him and Hong too.




Episode 12 


I was expecting Nam Joo Hyuk to be the second lead on this drama by the way. I’m disappointed I can’t see him that much. He was actually one of reason I’m watching this drama 😦

Screenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_34_16 AMScreenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_35_16 AM

OMAIGAT hahahahaha isn’t he the cutest???


Screenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_42_49 AMScreenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_44_42 AM

Sunbae definitely needs someone like Hong. I can see how Hong can make the best out him. He just needs someone to listen to him and be able to accept his flaws, not just seeing what’s good in him. And seriously, Sunbae needs to stop being creepy and just be himself! I swear!

Screenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_59_44 AMScreenshot - 2_18_2016 , 1_55_57 AMScreenshot - 2_18_2016 , 2_04_35 AMScreenshot - 2_18_2016 , 2_04_38 AM



Waaaaaaa! Writer-nim must have heard my wish! So that’s it! He overheard Baek In Ho with their classmate saying all bad stuffs about him.Well, as I see it  I think Baek In Ho is fond of Sunbae that he doesn’t want anyone to be friends just like them. Right? Seriously, Sunbae needs some confronting lessons- someone teach this handsome please.

Ahhh I’m happy the story is going really nice. I had a trauma for what happened with #Reply1988 hahahaha

I always had this thinking that male leads might change again hahahaha



Soo that’s it! I’ll see if I can post a reaction again for next week’s episodes.


Oh! I made some experiment earlier…

Screenshot - 2_18_2016 , 4_26_33 AM_ver001

These are chicken BBQ quesadilla 🙂





If you’ve reached this part of the pose… thank you so much! 

Please be healthy everyone, and keep safe 🙂





I have tons of dream.

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