And it ended.. #Reply1988LastEpisode

This will be episode 20 reaction.  Screen shots below was made by yours truly! 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to read 🙂


Huhuhuhu last episode! 😦
Fighting for everyone that’s just about to watch this!

Okayyyyyy. So that was the reason that the two can’t end up
together [Sunwoo x Bora] i forgot that they both have the same last name.
I dont feel like this is the last episode already. Its seems like we’re missing a lot for ths
last episode. Im expecting more 😦

Well… this two over here should’ve been our main and second lead actors. But then, Writer-nim drunk write one of the episodes (that im still thinking what episode these changes started happening with the lead characters) and we had Choi Taek in the picture as the husband.6Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-25-11Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-25-07

AIGOOOOO. Waenyol! When none of the elders believe of Dukseon and Taek’s scandal..
Cause they’re with us. Its much believable of it was Junghwan that she had a dating scandal with! HAHAHAHAHAHAScreenshot_2016-01-20-00-42-00Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-42-12Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-42-05

Then the moment Dukseon and Taek started dating… i felt like Junghwan was thrown out in Sacheon.. The poor guy 😦Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-47-36Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-48-14Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-48-57Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-49-48Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-50-45Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-53-49Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-54-34Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-54-50Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-55-03

And they have to be discreet of their relationship until the same last name issue subside..Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-51-43Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-51-53Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-52-54Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-53-01Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-53-09

And i bet there were changes on this diaries too.Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-00-47.png


Omonaa. Look  at Taek being the bossy boyfie and the next you know he’s a scaredy cat after letting someone borrow 30 million won from him again hahahahaScreenshot_2016-01-20-00-58-04Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-58-39Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-58-41Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-59-27Screenshot_2016-01-20-00-59-30

Omaigat. Taek is sooo cute hurting Sunwoo because of knowing that Dukseon liked him before hahahaScreenshot_2016-01-20-01-05-45Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-05-20
Ajhussi, i was expecting that you are Junghwan 😦Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-06-21

So apparently, Taek liked Dukseon since 1978…
Man that was long time already. Longer than we had #TeamJunghwan in the picture.
Since they were like 10 years old? Wow, Taek.Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-09-34Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-11-02Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-10-10Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-13-42Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-13-53Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-10-41

And unfortunately, they’ve been holding hands since 1979.Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-14-12Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-14-15
I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!
The writer possibly changed the remaining scenes since Taek and Dukseon scene on the beach when Dongryong run away from home.Since then, Junghwan x Dukseon momentos is getting less.
They prolly thought that Taek will give more viewers impact with him being the husband.

TBH, Im not convinced and contented with these scenes they replayed since when Taek started liking Dukseon. No im not.


I cried so much. From Bora’s wedding until the end.
Another great drama has ended.
After all of what happened, I still believe that there is a different ending that we should see.
Im not satisfied with how it ended unlike the previous franchise of Reply.
Well, that’s it for us I guess. Whether we like or not, accept it or not, that’s the ending that we got.


Up until the end, its my ship that i can only see ❤ #TeamJungHwanScreenshot_2016-01-20-02-44-04Screenshot_2016-01-20-02-45-42

Thank you so much for reading! I had fun writing all my feels regarding this drama. Thanks for all your likes on my recents Instagram post as well! 🙂

Please be healthy everyone, and keep safe 🙂


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