We’re almost at the end.. #Reply1988Episode19

So you know im new here, i didnt know that media you include on  a post should stay in the media gallery.. apparently ive deleted the screenshots ive inserted on this post 😦


This will be episode 19 reaction.  Screen shots below was made by yours truly! 🙂

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Well the moment they answered that first kiss, definitely the husband was decided for a change, and that was finalized already. Taek’s kiss that was just a dream was his answered for the first kiss. Though they might have given us confusing hints still, it was decided already though that it’s Taek the future husband is. [Please take note that I corrected (AND ALMOST KILLED MY LAPTOP) myself for this part.]

I swear, this is one of the saddest scenes here. I hate it that Junghwan have to go through that sacrificing T_T
Oh my! Man Ok is so dang pretty!
When I thought this two will not make up, but then here they are wall kissing LOL


So that’s why when I saw those clips in IG.. Taek has that look. Because apparently, Dongryong and Dukseon is in his room Hahahahahaha Oh my Taek is soooo cute. Can I have him as my cellphone charm? Hihihi







So thats why future husband’s answer was 1994 in BEIJING…
OMG. I dont know anymore T______T

This is too much Writer-nim.
I’m still wondering until now when did the changes starts happening.
Was it episode 16? 17? OMG.
But at least there was a look back at that kiss we all thought
was just a dream.



I really do feel like it was all twisted! Damn. (Read this first before continuing. Well I personally love Bogum and Hyeri. Its just that I am actually for #TeamJungHwan)




First of all, Taek and Dukseon doesn’t have that much of happenings from the previous
episodes unlike #TeamJungHwan. RIGHT?
I feel really feel bad for Junghwan T_____T

This Instagram (@FLRNFRYLD) post of mine  below is the evidence that it should have been Junghwan that Dukseon ended up with instead 😦


(Below are comment reactions without screen shots, but still in order of what happened in this episode)

The Mother’s of Sangmundong
neighbor having menopause and all is sooooo touching! It even made me remeber if my Mom had the same experience.

That birthday celebration of Jung mom is sooooo touching! So much. Also, the speech and plaque the Sung sibling made for their father made me cried! Their neighborhood is really amazing. I bet you could find such at this time  of our lives. With such fast pace the world is having, I bet people would have such time for those kind of interaction and relationship with their neighbors.


And I keep on thinking if only Dukseon became a daugther of Jung house…

How nice would that be, right? 😦
Dukseon plus Junghwan’s parents would have so much fun for sure!15

And I dont understand that part when Bora’s mom said that Sunwoo and Bora can’t be together? WHY? Can someone enlighten me with the reason?





Thank you for reading you guys! Up next will be episode 20’s reaction. Im doing this while watching, so it takes time. Plus im doing screenshots as well 🙂

Only one episode left to watch. I’m gonna miss waiting for this drama for two days only for subs to release. Also, characters! T__________T


I might be re-watching this drama over the week end.


Thank you for reading you guys! Up next will be episode 20’s reaction. Im doing this while watching, so it takes time. Plus im doing screenshots as well 🙂